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Midaresomenishi volume #1 Original Japanese version (c)1999 Kazuma Kodaka
Originally published in Japan in 1999 by Ta-ke Shobo Co., Ltd.
Help us name our newly acquired Yaoi manga "Midaresomenishi" (original Japanese title) by Kazuma Kodaka, the creator of  "Kizuna." All you have to do is vote for the title that you like best (see below). The winning title will be the official title used for the upcoming release of "Midaresomenishi." Stay tuned for a future Be Beautiful announcement where we will reveal the winning title and give one lucky fan the "Midaresomenishi" giant banner which was autographed by Kazuma Kodaka at Yaoi-Con 2005.

Story Summary:
Shirou is a young samurai with violently red hair and a temper to match. As a punishment for his bloodthirsty nature, his father sends him away to become a priest. But he can't stop his little brother Fujimaru from tagging along, and on the way they are both captured by bandits!

Sougetsu, the proud and ruthless leader of the bandits, decides to punish him another way- by making Shirou his love slave. Will Shirou and Fujimaru ever be able to escape? And what else awaits them if they can?


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