Be Beautiful Finds Its Target at Yaoi-Con
Date Posted: 2004/10/25

New York, NY (October 22, 2004) – Be Beautiful, the new graphic novel imprint featuring books written by women for women, will be attending this year’s Yaoi-Con to promote its newly acquired property, Target in the Finder by Yaoi-Con 2004 Guest of Honor Ayano Yamane, as well as its 2004 graphic novel releases: Kizuna – Bonds of Love, Golden Cain, and Selfish Love.

In appreciation of the overwhelming support yaoi fans have given to the first graphic novels released by Be Beautiful, attendees of this year’s Yaoi-Con will receive a free 16-page sampler comic (ashcan) of Ayano Yamane’s Target in the Finder. The ashcan will commemorate the appearance of the author at this year’s event and give yaoi fans a sneak peek of this beautiful and exciting Spring 2005 release.

“We are very excited to publish Target in the Finder, a popular title among yaoi fans and the first graphic novel which established Ayano Yamane as one of the top yaoi manga artists of our time,” stated Masumi Homma O’Donnell, Vice President of Business Affairs.

About Target in the Finder
Freelance photographer Akihito Takaba secretly investigates the mysterious Asami, said to control Japan's underworld society. Asami captures Akihito and submits him to a night of pleasure and pain he could have never before imagined. Soon thereafter, Fei Long, son of the most powerful Chinese mafia boss, comes after Akihito to demand the critical evidence he's uncovered.


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