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Selfish Love
by Naduki Koujima
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Be Beautiful
Drama Romance
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Item Type Availability
Selfish Love: Book 1 Graphic Novel 09/22/04
Selfish Love: Book 2 Graphic Novel 11/24/04


BREAKING ALL THE RULES... Ryuya was only trying to finish his University courses so he could get started with his life. Everything was going along fine, until the wealthy and gorgeous Orito nominated Ryuya as the vice president of the prestigious Honors Society. Most people would jump at this opportunity, but Ryuya isn't interested, and Orito isn't backing down! It seems that campus politics and advanced studies aren't the only things on Orito's mind, and Ryuya is shocked to discover that his newfound suitor always gets what he wants...


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Selfish Love Trailer 1 Graphic Novel Trailer

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