Kizuna - Bonds of Love: Book 4
Graphic Novel

Ranmaru and Kei are enjoying a happy life in the city, their days filled with adventure, their nights surging with romance. In fact, everything is just about perfect until Ranmaruメs grandfather asks him to resume his kendo career, forcing the former champion to choose between an old life he never wanted and a new one which satisfies his every desire. Meanwhile, in Shinjuku, Kai Sagano finds himself embroiled in a yakuza conspiracy so deadly that even his awesomely muscled bodyguard Masa might not be able to save him.

"A romantic epic" - The Village Voice "A fantastic read. It has a love triangle, romance, angst, and a bit of tragedy mixed in, making for one tasty treat!" ヨ

Series : Kizuna - Bonds of Love

Catalog : CMX_69704G
Size : 5 x 7.375
Pages : 200

Nudity : Some
Sex : Some
Violence : Some
Profanity : None

ISBN-10 : 1-933440-05-8
ISBN-13 :
EAN : 978193344005751599
UPC : 8-51988-00105-9-00411

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MSRP: $15.99
Street Date : 10/03/2005
Preorder Date : 07/15/2005
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Original Japanese version "Kizuna Vol. 4" (c) 1998 Kazuma Kodaka. Originally published in Japan in 1999 by BIBLOS Co., Ltd. English version (c) 2005 A18 Corporation. All rights reserved.


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