Finder Series 2: Cage in the Finder
Graphic Novel

Freelance photographer Akihito Takaba thought he left the cutthroat dangers of the Underworld behind after barely escaping his last adventure alive.

However, he soon finds himself reunited with the mysterious and powerful crime lord Asami, and before long he is once again thrust into an unseemly world of decadence and bloodshed. Will Takaba be lucky enough to escape a deadly fate twice in a row, or are Asami's plans for him of a more amorous nature?

Meanwhile, Fei Long, the beautiful criminal mastermind, reflects upon his rise to power and the passionate secret he held in check for too many years.

Series : Finder Series

Catalog : CMX_69501G
Size : 5 x 7.375
Pages : 192

Nudity : Some
Sex : Some
Violence : Some
Profanity : None

ISBN-10 : 1-933440-01-5
ISBN-13 :
EAN : 978193344001951599
UPC : 8-51988-00101-1-00211

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MSRP: $15.99
Street Date : 11/07/2005
Preorder Date : 10/10/2005
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Original Japanese version "Finder no Cage" (c) 2004 Ayano Yamane. Originally published in Japan in 2004 by Biblos Co., Ltd. English version (c) 2005 A18 Corporation. All rights reserved.


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