Finder Series 3: One Wing in the Finder
Graphic Novel

The sizzling continuation of the red-hot Finder Series includes melodrama, angst, and impossible passions

The Chinese crime lord Fei Long comes to Japan hoping to lure freelance photographer Akihito into his web of intrigue and sex. But when his friends fall prey to Fei Long's diabolical schemes, Akihito has only has one person he can ask for help, the person he despises more than anyone else on Earth: the Yakuza boss Asami, who once made Akihito his sex slave.
Will Asami help Akihito? And if he does, what new humiliations are in store for our hero?

Also includes an erotic bonus story.

Series : Finder Series

Catalog : CMX_101201G
Size : 5 x 7.375
Pages : 200

Nudity : Some
Sex : Some
Violence : Some
Profanity : None

ISBN-10 : 1-933440-23-6
ISBN-13 : 978-1-933440-23-1
EAN : 978193344023151599
UPC : n/a

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MSRP: $15.99
Street Date : 04/03/2019
Preorder Date : 03/16/2019
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Original Japanese version "Finder no Sekiyoku" οΎ© 2017 Ayano Yamane. Originally published in Japan in 2017 by Biblos Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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