Golden Cain
Graphic Novel

Shadows From The Past. Shun works very hard to live up to the memory of his older brother, even at the cost of his personal life. Suddenly, a beautiful stranger comes into his life and takes Shun on a ride down a dangerous road of love, loss, lust, guilt, passion and taboo! Shun craves excitement, and the stranger gives it to him... but at what cost?

Series : Golden Cain

Catalog : CMX_67001G
Size : 5 x 7.375
Pages : 184

Nudity : Some
Sex : Some
Violence : Some
Profanity : None

ISBN-10 : 1-58664-955-8
ISBN-13 :
EAN : 978158664955551599
UPC : 7-19987-00670-6-00111

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MSRP: $15.99
Street Date : 08/25/2004
Preorder Date : 07/12/2004
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Original Japanese version "Kin no Cain" (c)2003 You Asagiri. Originally published in Japan in 2003 by BIBLOS Co., Ltd. English version (c)2004 A-18 Corporation. English translation rights arranged through TRANNET. All rights reserved.


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