Selfish Love : Missing Pages?
Date Posted: 2004/11/17

It has been brought to our attention that a limited number of the first printing of Selfish Love : Book 1 are missing pages. This problem was caused by an error at our printing facility, and we are currently in the process of tracking down any additional printings that might have the same problem.

In the meantime, if your copy of Selfish Love : Book 1 is missing pages, you may receive a free replacement copy from Be Beautiful. To find out if you qualify for this replacement copy, check your book in one of the following ways first:

     1) Look for page 110: If no such page exists, your book is missing pages.

     2) check pages 96-97 of your book.

If your book looks as follows, it contains all the pages:

This is how it should look.
(note: there are no actual page numbers printed on these pages)

But if your book looks like below, it is missing pages:

This is wrong!
(note: there are no actual page numbers printed on these pages)

If your book is missing pages, simply download and fill out one of the forms below, and send it to Be Beautiful along with the defective copy of the book. (The mailing address is specified in the form)

- Replacement Request Form (PDF)
- Replacement Request Form (MS-Word)

Upon receipt, we will verify your book as being defective and then send you a replacement copy for free.


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