The Romantic Action Continues in Be Beautiful's Hit Series Kizuna: Bonds of Love
Date Posted: 2005/10/21

Kizuna – Bonds of Love: Book 5 to be released in December and priced at $15.99srp.

New York, NY (October 21, 2005) Be Beautiful is proud to present the upcoming December release of Kizuna – Bonds of Love: Book 5, the popular Yaoi manga series written and illustrated by Ms. Kazuma Kodaka, one of Japan’s most acclaimed graphic novel artists. Ms. Kodaka’s intricate plots, dry humor and finely honed characters have earned her a fan following in both the United States and Japan.

“This volume of Kizuna – Bonds of Love is the most eclectic adventure to date,” said Masumi Homma O’Donnell, Publisher of Be Beautiful. “The lead feature is a grim and gritty crime story and the back-up feature is a lighthearted tale of a lovesick angel who gets lost on his way back to heaven. This kind of diversity is what keeps our readers’ interest in titles like Kizuna, which is one of the most widely recognized Yaoi manga in the world.”

Kizuna – Bonds of Love: Book 5
Story and art by Kazuma Kodaka

“A romantic epic” - The Village Voice

“A fantastic read!” –

A prisoner of the yakuza, Kei must call upon his inner strength to survive a harrowing night of torture at the hands of his kidnappers. Meanwhile, his lover Ranmaru is sick with worry and enlists the aid of Kei’s half-brother, Kai Sagano, to use his ties to the Yakuza in order to rescue his missing lover. Tensions escalate as dark forces close in to destroy the once peaceful lives of Ranmaru and Kei. How can they possibly escape from this tangled web of deceit, danger, and death?

Also includes a lighthearted bonus story and an exclusive interview with creator Kazuma Kodaka!

Size: 5” x 7.375”
Pages: 216 pages, b&w
Rating: 18UP
Genre: Romance/Drama
Catalog #: CMX 69705G
ISBN #: 1-933440-06-6
Street date: December 5, 2005
SRP: $15.99

Be Beautiful is America's leader in the publication of Yaoi manga graphic novels, aimed at college age and older female readers. Yaoi manga are illustrated romantic graphic novels, featuring stories about love and relationships between impossibly beautiful men, written by female artists for female readers. Be Beautiful is an imprint of fifteen-year old Central Park Media, one of America's oldest publishers of Japanese anime and manga.


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