Kizuna - Bonds of Love: Book 8
Graphic Novel

Romantic tensions threaten to boil over as the Kyoto honeymoon adventure continues!

First, Kai is unrelenting in his quest to get some "alone time" with Masa, but the burly bodyguard spurns Kai's advances for reasons unknown. Meanwhile, the newlywed Ranmaru and Kei take every opportunity to consummate their love during the holiday retreat, and the sights and sounds of their coupling only serve to drive Kai deeper into despair.

Will a frustrated Kai be able to make his wish come true?

Series : Kizuna - Bonds of Love

Catalog : CMX_69708G
Size : 5 x 7.375
Pages : 184

Nudity : Some
Sex : Some
Violence : Some
Profanity : None

ISBN : 1-933440-15-5
ISBN-13: 978-1-933440-15-6
EAN : 978193344015651599
UPC : 8-51988-00115-8-00811

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Price: $15.99

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Original Japanese version "Kizuna Vol. 8" ᄅ 2000 Kazuma Kodaka. Originally published in Japan in 2000 by BIBLOS Co., Ltd. All rights reserved.


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