Be Beautiful Announces Four New Yaoi Manga, "Kizuna" Signature Edition DVD and Fan Contest at Yaoi-Con
Date Posted: 2005/11/02

Four new graphic novels, a new special-edition DVD based on the Kizuna: Bonds of Love graphic novels, and a
"Name This Book" fan contest are headlined at Yaoi-Con 2005.

New York, NY (November 2, 2005) - Be Beautiful, North America's leading yaoi graphic novel publisher, made news this weekend at Yaoi-Con 2005 in San Francisco, CA, announcing four new releases in its yaoi line, a new Signature Edition DVD of Kizuna: Bonds of Love, based on the best-selling yaoi graphic novel of all time, and a special contest letting fans name yaoi superstar Ms. Kazuma Kodaka's newest work.

To a packed house of energetic fans, Be Beautiful's publisher, Masumi Homma O'Donnell, spoke about Be Beautiful's rapid growth and current status as the foremost North American yaoi publisher, and the constant, overwhelming support the imprint has received from readers every step of the way.  "There is no question that American readers love the yaoi genre, and that yaoi is becoming accepted within the mainstream markets," she said, referring to the female-oriented illustrated romantic graphic novel genre featuring "impossibly beautiful men."

Introducing Ms. Kazuma Kodaka, author of Kizuna: Bonds of Love and Japan's best-selling yaoi author, Ms. O'Donnell noted that the ten volume Kizuna series has been reprinted over 35 times since its first publication in 1992, resulting in sales in excess of ten million units, making Kizuna the best-selling yaoi graphic novel in Japanese publishing history.  In addition to the US and Japanese editions, Kizuna has been translated into various Asian languages, and in Italian and German editions for the European markets.

"I am happy to be able to show my work to English-speaking readers," Ms. Kodaka commented.  "It has always been my dream to share my vision with a world-wide audience."

Photo Caption:  (left to right) Masumi Homma O'Donnell, Publisher of Be Beautiful,  and Kizuna author Kazuma Kodaka announce the Midaresomenishi "Name This Book" contest at Yaoi-Con 2005. (click here for high resolution version of image)

Showing its continued dedication to both yaoi manga and Yaoi-Con, Be Beautiful unveiled five of its 2006 releases for the first time:

A tale of samurai love by Kizuna author and Yaoi-Con 2005 Guest of Honor Kazuma Kodaka, Ms. Kodaka herself made a surprise appearance at the Be Beautiful panel to make this announcement.  Midaresomenishi is the story of the samurai Shirou, a man with violently red hair and a temper to match.  Shirou is sent away to become a priest, but bandits capture him and his brother, Fujimaru, along the way.  Shirou submits to becoming the bandit leader's love slave in order to spare his brother punishment; however, the event leaves Shirou forever changed.  Midaresomenishi follows Shirou and his sexual odyssey throughout feudal Japan in search of the one man who can tame him. Violent, tragic, beautiful, and graphic, Midaresomenishi is the story of a man who lives by the sword and dies for love.

Midaresomenishi is coming in 2006, but before it does, Be Beautiful is giving fans a chance to be involved in the book's creation, allowing visitors to to vote for one of three possible English titles.  The poll is open until December 1, 2005 with the winning name to be announced the following day.  One lucky voter will be selected to win the eight-foot Midaresomenishi banner unveiled at Be Beautiful's Yaoi-Con panel, autographed by author Kazuma Kodaka.

Boku No Koe:
From Youka Nitta, author of Embracing Love.  Boku No Koe follows a young voice actor who dreams of making it big in the industry, but when he finally gets his chance he gets cold feet. Surrounded by voice acting legends, he can't help but feel insignificant. Will his seniors take him in and show him everything they know about voice acting -- and love?

YEBISU Celebrities:
By Shinri Fuwa.  At a design firm called Yebisu Graphics, only the best – and the best looking – are accepted.  It’s a place for classy design, classy society, and classy love affairs.  The cute new part-timer, Haruka Fujinami, happens to catch his boss’s eye…   Is he only getting teased, or is there something more between them?

Play Boy Blues:
By Shiuko Kano. Junsuke is the number one companion in a host club where Shinobu used to work.  They have been in a relationship for a year, but as they start to get serious, Shinobu questions his commitment. With Junsuke’s active lead, their relation has developed significantly but is sometimes disturbed by jealousy and pride. Where is their love going to end up with?

Kizuna: Signature Edition DVD:
Both episodes of Be Beautiful's Kizuna OVA will be made available in a special Signature Edition in March 2006. Collecting both volumes into one, the Signature Edition includes a special audio commentary by Kazuma Kodaka, a video interview with Kodaka, footage of her Japan Society and Kinokuniya appearances, and -- for the first time -- an English-language audio track in addition to the Japanese.


About Be Beautiful:
Be Beautiful is America's leader in the publication of Yaoi manga graphic novels, aimed at college age and older female readers. Yaoi manga are illustrated romantic graphic novels, featuring stories about love and relationships between impossibly beautiful men, written by female artists for female readers. Be Beautiful is an imprint of fifteen-year old Central Park Media, one of America's oldest publishers of Japanese anime and manga.


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