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2019/10/17 How Dragon Ball Z survived though generations?
2006/08/22 Store Closed till September 8th Announcements
2005/12/07 Midaresomenishi Contest Status Report Announcements
2005/04/15 Win some Be Beautiful books at JACON! Announcements
2005/03/18 Author of Kizuna - Bonds of Love to visit New York City in May Announcements
2005/01/12 2005 Release Schedule Announcements
2004/11/17 Selfish Love : Missing Pages? Announcements
2004/09/22 Be Beautiful Releases Selfish Love : Book 1 Announcements
2004/09/01 Be Beautiful Website Launches and freebie promo! Announcements

Press Releases
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2007/02/22 Be Beautiful Plans Monthly Releases For Early 2007 Press Releases
2006/03/06 Japanese Yaoi Author Youka Nitta Draws Crowd in New York City Press Releases
2006/02/25 Be Beautiful acquires Youka Nitta's First Yaoi Anime "Embracing Love" Press Releases
2006/02/13 Be Beautiful Announces New York Comic-Con Plans Press Releases
2006/02/01 Be Beautiful Midaresomenishi Winner Presented With Her Prize Press Releases
2006/01/23 Be Beautiful Announces Youka Nitta Autograph Signing in New York Press Releases
2006/01/09 Be Beautiful Reveals English Title for "MIDARESOMENISHI" Press Releases
2005/12/22 "Kizuna: Kazuma Kodaka Signature Edition DVD" Slated for March Release Press Releases
2005/12/06 A Secret is Revealed in Be Beautiful's Embracing Love: Book 3 Press Releases
2005/11/23 Kazuma Kodaka Doujinshi Winners Announced Press Releases
2005/11/07 Be Beautiful Offers Romantic Drama with a Yaoi Twist in Embracing Love: Book 2 Press Releases
2005/11/02 Be Beautiful Announces Four New Yaoi Manga, "Kizuna" Signature Edition DVD and Fan Contest at Yaoi-Con Press Releases
2005/10/26 Be Beautiful and Kazuma Kodaka at Yaoi-con Press Releases
2005/10/21 The Romantic Action Continues in Be Beautiful's Hit Series Kizuna: Bonds of Love Press Releases
2005/09/29 Be Beautiful Launches Second Story Arc for Kizuna Press Releases
2005/08/15 Be Beautiful Embraces Embracing Love: Book 1 Press Releases
2005/08/08 Be Beautiful Unveils Finders Series 1: Target in the Finder Press Releases
2005/05/31 Graphic Novel Publisher Be Beautiful Releases Its First DVD with Kizuna 1 Press Releases
2005/05/18 Top Yaoi Author Kazuma Kodaka Draws Hundreds of Fans to Autograph Session at Kinokuniya in Rockefeller Center Press Releases
2004/10/25 Be Beautiful Finds Its Target at Yaoi-Con Press Releases
2004/07/30 Be Beautiful releases the culmination of a Selfish Love Press Releases
2004/06/30 In autumn, Be Beautiful unveils its Selfish Love Press Releases
2004/06/07 Romance and impossibly beautiful men inspire the emergence of the Be Beautiful label Press Releases

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